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Scaling brands house

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Building a business.                 
             Scaling a BRAND

BIZZI  is a live, online Business and sales consulting service. 

It will unlock your potential and give you the right system to grow your sales and generate positive cash flow. How will we get there? Technique, Sales, Confidence, and chutzpah.

I'm a former CRO with 20 years of experience in corporate B2B and B2C sales. I love working with people and experiencing their growth and success.

I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, served in the Israeli army, and attended law school. I started my professional career in sales and fell in love with it.

After several senior leadership positions in sales, I moved to California and decided to follow my dream: Starting BIZZI - Scaling brands house.

Since then, I have worked with inspiring entrepreneurs, helping them turn their ventures into profitable businesses.

I'm married and have two amazing daughters. I love the beach and happy people and get excited each time my clients start SELLING and FULFILLING THEIR DREAMS.


I have a proven method based on:

  • 20 years of sales leadership experience

  • Energy, passion, and motivation that will make you take action

  • A system that makes it easy and simple 

  • Partnership & patience

I'm OBSESSED WITH SALES and want to help you fall in love with it too.

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Bizzi - Mentor Brands worldwide 


Maybar Durst - Founder of OfCourse Marketplace
Your global solution for team building services.

"Irit is one of kind Sales and Marketing leader! You can call her a business coach but to me she is a magician! She teaches me how to make sales! And that’s what I need! She has a vast experience in the sales and marketing world, she will grow your business in a creative and effective way! And the best part is that she is so fun to work with! She is funny, proactive, collaborative and she is always there for me! I can’t state it enough but she is the one for you if you are looking to grow your business and great more sales!"

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